Honoré DAUMIER : Ne vous y frottez pas !! - 1834



[Do not get on the wrong side of them!!] 

Lithograph, 307 x 434 mm (at the inner borderline). Delteil 133, only state.

Very fine impression on wove paper. A few very light foxmarks, some scratches in the left and right margins, two very tiny repaired scratches in the subject. Central fold as usual. Full margins (sheet: 360 x 555 mm).

“A typesetter proudly standing on the field of the FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, his shirtsleeves turned up, his hands balled into fists, seems to be challenging Louis-Philippe, who brandishes an umbrella in his direction, and doesn't heed the entreaties of Persil and Guizot; elsewhere in the composition, Charles X is lying on the ground, with two monarchs tending him, but in vain. » Catalogue raisonné de l'œuvre lithographié de Honoré Daumier, N.-A. Hazard and Loÿs Delteil, 1904, n°308.

Ne vous y frottez pas !! was published for the Association mensuelle lithographique (Monthly Lithographic Association) in March 1834. This was a supplement to the magazine Charivari created by Charles Philippon in 1832, in order to ensure the survival of the magazine by offering large-size lithographs to subscribers. Daumier created five lithographs for the Association mensuelle, among which Rue Transnonain, le 15 avril 1834 and Le Ventre législatif. With Ne vous y frottez pas !!, these five lithographs were hailed as masterpieces as soon as they were published.