Hans S. BEHAM: The Standard-Bearer and the Drummer - 1544



Engraving, 71 x 48 mm (borderline). Bartsch 199, Hollstein 202, 2nd state (of 2).

Impression of the final state, with the standard’s fold extended to the upper edge of the Standard-Bearer’s sleeve.

Very fine impression on laid paper, trimmed to the borderline on three sides, 1 mm outside the borderline at left. 3 very tiny tears along the upper edge, 1 at the right sheet edge. Small thin spots along the upper edge verso. Small remains of paper tapes on back. Generally in very good condition.

Hans Sebald Beham etched several prints representing standard-bearers (Hollstein 199, 201, 203, 204, 205).

This print is the only one in which characters are named: the drummer is Acker Concz, the standard-bearer is Klos Wuczer.

The inscription IM BAUEREN KRIEG 1525 places the scene during the Great Peasants' Revolt (Deutscher Bauernkrieg) that shook the Holy Roman Empire between 1524 and 1526.

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