Jean-Émile LABOUREUR (1877 - 1943): Le Bar en Pennsylvanie
1904, woodcut, 195 x 195 mm (S. L. 618 bis).

Only known proof printed in colour by the artist.

In 1987, Sylvain Laboureur found the woodblock of this unknown work in the family archives with three hand-coloured trial proofs. He later found another woodblock with the same drawing and instructions for five colours, and he supposed that Laboureur might have use it to print all the colours. Our impression confirms this hypothesis. (S. Laboureur: 'Un bois inconnu de J.-E. Laboureur', Nouvelles de l'Estampe, no. 96, 1987, pp. 22-25; Catalogue complet des oeuvres de J.-E. Laboureur, t. 1, pp. 559-560).